Partnership with Kramden Institute

The alignment of Shodor’s mission to improve math and science education through the effective use of modeling and simulation technologies, and the mission of the Kramden Institute to empower students by providing them with home computers, seems only natural. Both organizations are working to spread the use of technology and computational science in their local communities, doing so through outreach programs and educational resources.

By restoring recycled computers Kramden has awarded over 9,000 refurbished computers to students grades 3-12, who have been nominated by a teacher for being academically motivated, and do not have a computer already access to a computer in their home.

Beginning in January 2012, prior to being handed to clients, a version of Shodor’s Interactivate software will be uploaded onto each of the 2,200 computers Kramden awards to students each year. This will not only provide students with the physical capabilities to further their academic careers, but will also supply them with educational resources that can be used in conjunction with their academic coursework.

About Shodor

Shodor, a national resource for computational science education, is located in Durham, N.C., and serves students and educators nationwide. In addition to developing and deploying interactive models, simulations, and educational tools, Shodor serves students and educators directly through workshops and other hands-on experiences.

Shodor offers innovative workshops helping faculty and teachers incorporate computational science into their own curricula or programs. For students from middle school through undergraduate levels of education, Shodor offers workshops, apprenticeships, internships and off-site programs that explore new approaches to math and science education through computational science.

Time and time again, Shodor has been recognized as a national leader and a premier resource in the effective use of computers to improve both math and science education.