Dennis E. Stevenson

D. E. Stevenson, known as `Steve' to one and all, is an associate professor emeritus of computer science at Clemson University in Clemson, SC. He has been at Clemson since 1980. The trail to Clemson is long and winding.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Eastern Michigan University in June, 1965. At that time, he received a commission in the US Army as an Infantry officer. In the next four plus years he served overseas twice: Korea in 1966 and as a battalion advisor in the Hue area of South Vietnam in 1968.

Steve joined Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1969. He worked in several computer support areas until 1975 when he found a home in performance and modeling of computer systems. In this time frame he received a Masters of Science degree at Rutgers in computer science. After spending a sabbatical assignment in theoretical biophysics, he decided to move on.

Soon-to-be-Doctor Stevenson moved his family (wife, son, and daughter) to Clemson. There he took a lecture-ship in computer science and a PhD in mathematical sciences at Clemson under Dan Warner (also a board member of Shodor). Upon graduation, the Stevensons decided to stay in Clemson. Steve's main interest is computational science and engineering. His research focus is constructive foundations of mathematics in general and numerical computing in particular.

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You can contact Steve at:

422 Edwards Hall
Department of Computer Science
Clemson University
PO Box 341906
Clemson, SC 29634-1906

(864) 656-5880