Holly Peters Hirst

Dr. Holly Hirst is professor emerita of mathematics at Appalachian State University. In her 34 years at Appalachian Holly served in many roles, including as coordinator for courses in modeling, numerical methods, and operations research. She also coordinated Appalachian's Annenberg/CPB INPUT award-winning quantitative literacy course and the associated computer lab, and was co-author of the text 'How Do You Know? Using Math to Make Decisions.' Since earning her Ph.D. in mathematics from the Pennsylvania State University, Holly has been active in the fields of math modeling and computational science. She has given more than 75 presentations and taught more than 50 workshops centered around incorporating modeling and computation into mathematics and science courses at all levels. She was co-Principal Investigator on the NSF grants that funded the Shodor Computational Science Institute and the National Computational Science Institute.

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